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“My first impression of Mark and his team was of a well organised, efficient and expert team. Maincorp were selected as our preferred builder for the Cremorne house and the preliminary contractual and procurement process was smooth, attended to detail well and gave us and our client confidence right from the outset. Having been involved with a number of tenders with Maincorp since, I can confidently say this was a product of a professional approach and a well thought out and executed management system developed over many years of experience.


The house at Cremorne was a complex, difficult and demanding project to say the least. The level of technical detail and resolution we required was of an extremely high standard. The design used a mixture of traditional and cutting edge material and construction methods, which Maincorp managed and coordinated with apparent ease, despite the inherent difficulties involved. The design was an expansive two storey composition, which used complicated reinforced concrete slabs and structural elements in conjunction with steel, timber and load bearing masonry elements.


Maincorp in an open, honest, transparent and professional manner which is a rare feat in the contemporary construction industry and allowed us to develop a high level of trust. The project was delivered efficiently, on budget and with an absolute minimum of fuss.”

Mike Hale B.Arch Director Australian Architecture and Interiors

“Maincorp Construction Group was engaged to complete major alterations and additions work at 325 Edinburgh Road Castlecrag, with the works supervised by Gordon Leggett. They had come highly recommended by the Client’s parents as builders who were able to deliver quality construction.


The design incorporated off-form concrete structural elements, reinforced masonry and commercial grade structural steel, with membrane roofs and commercial window systems. It required a high degree of craftsmanship and technical skill to deliver a highly detailed result, with a complex combination of materials and structural elements that were carefully married in with some parts of the existing stone and masonry fabric that was retained from the original house on the site.


Maincorp managed the construction of this resience with dedication and skill. they take pride in their workmanship, which is of a very high caliber. We found them to be very helpful and attentive with meetings both on sit and at our offices to resolve construction details and any sit issues that arose thorughout the construction process. There were many non-conventional detials, materials and elements to this design that Maincorp were able to sucessfully carry out to completion.


Maincorp have provden to be capable of acheieving a high quality, high- ended residence with a dedication and care, to the satisfaction of both client and architect.”

Rachel Neeson Neeson Murcutt Architects

Jury citation from Architecture Awards for Castlecrag House
“This project grew within a genuine, formative collaboration between client and architect. A previous house, with inter-generational memories for the client, was partially demolished to provide for the family’s changing needs. Salvaged materials were incorporated into a design that inventively weaves the lived history of the old house, site and family, into a new setting.


The house demonstrated sophisticated, fine-grained understanding of a steeply sloping site, prospect to the river and surrounding landscape features. The plan skillfully negotiates two geometrical alignments – one across the contours and one along them. Their conjugation produces a spatial torsion resolved through a series of interstitial zones. At the entry level circulation is centralised and radial, leading into various contiguous living areas forming a community of diverse spaces. Upstairs, circulation becomes peripheral, providing more focused connections to discrete parts of the surrounding bush land.


A restrained yet richer pallet of materials is employed to respond to human scale, occupation and use, and to highlight distinctive landscape conditions. Relatively severe exterior form and contextual response are balanced by fluid, warm and nurturing interiors, achieved through quietly modulated form, scale and materials. The quality of crafting and finish is exceptional.”

Jury citation from Architecture Awards for Castlecrag house Neeson Murcutt Architects

“Maincorp Construction completed the construction in 2010 of an extensive renovation to a house in McMahons Point. The design by MGS Architects answered the clients’ brief to provide bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaced in a scale that responded to the original house but with a contemporary aesthetic. The design also responded to the context: the last house in a group of heritage-classified dwellings on a site steeply sloping in two directions with slices of spectacular harbour views.


The complexity of the design required a well considered construction program that incorporated all the necessary structural work to accommodate an intricate composition of interlocking forms. These forms of single and double height volume provide a feeling of generosity in a small house as well as opportunities for ventilation. There were also significant requirements with regard to waterproofing with the lower ground floor being a semi-basement level with an internal courtyard, while the main outdoor area sits over the double garage on the middle level. The shared party wall interface also needed to be protected during building and sensitively handled in this prime residential area.


The collaboration of architect, builder and owner has resulted in a finished renovation that is loved by the client and has been featured in numerous magazines.”

Sue Buchanan Associate MGS Architects

“Maincorp have proved to be very reliable, which means that we are able to introduce them to our client’s early in the project, helping us in the procurement of construction programs, strategy, and design development and to build a successful client relationship with all parties involved.  It is refreshing to work with a construction team who can get things done quickly rather than placing obstacles in the path of progress.”


“Maincorp’s role as Main Contractor and Project Manager has provided a large, highly detailed residence.  In the opinion of Stephen Collins Interior Design, again Maincorp have managed to deliver successfully a house that required unusual building techniques, interior detailing of high quality and complex communication and services.”

Stephen Collins Director Stephen Collins Interior Design Pty Ltd

“Maincorp managed the construction process without delay and with an attitude of optimism and can do, that was incredibly appreciated.  They made my work as Architect very easy given the circumstances.  I also note how impressed my Structural Engineer was with their performance where time after time Mark Flew impressed him with his level of attention to structural details and his overall understanding of the whole building and his willingness to go that step further to achieve the right result.”


“My work as an architect is only as good as the building team interpreting my drawings and instructions.  Any success I have is absolutely dependent on a successful relationship between architect, building and client.  I have the highest regard for the way Maincorp Construction Group operate and undertake the demanding role of being a builder in today’s context and I recommend them as builders in the highest possible terms.  If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to call our office.”

Jon King RAIA BArch Hons1 Director Design King Company